A café like an urban jungle: Y! by Herbary Hamburg

At a place where plants dangle from the ceiling and fresh flowers decorate the tables, where homemade jams are served on little mirrors and a carpet makes that place feel just like home, there,Café Y! I would love to spend every minute of the day, at least! Welcome to Y!, the newly opened café by Herbary Hamburg.


Only a week ago, Louise and Florian, the owners of Herbary Hamburg, which so far was a catering service only, opened their café Y! in St. Pauli. In the small kitchen in the back of the café, the two and their staff prepare simply, yet delicious meals, think of soups and sandwiches, salads as well as pasta bowls.

Herbary-Cafe-Y-Lea-Lou-13 Kopie

However, they focus on one ingredient in particular, when preparing both their catering and meals in the café: fresh herbs. The goat’s cheese sandwich, for instance, is made with an orange and tarragon dip that is not only as creamy as one can imagine, but also aromatic to the maximum. The salads include – amongst others – dill and basil, and the soups are seasoned with mint, for example.


All ingredients used at café Y!, which, by the way, was the base of Hamburg-based fashion designer Ethel Vaughn before, are organic or at least regional which leads to rather expensive prices: The sandwich I mentioned above costs four Euros, but if you ever happen to try it, I am almost sure you will fall for it forever.


On Saturdays and Sundays the café Y! staff buckles down to serve you an extensive breakfast to ensure you start your day right. The idea is simple: Besides a meat, a cheese and a fish option, that consists of three kinds of meat, cheese respectively fish each, one may also order a mixed selection for either person one or for two.
Additionally, the menu consists of eggs from hens that live in the woods, and halved avocados, muesli as well as yogurt with fruit.
And if you are still hungry after that, you may indulge in a slice of the homemade banana bread.


Happy Sunday, y’all!

Lea Lou




Herbary Hamburg
Detlev-Bremer-Straße 21
20359 Hamburg

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