Hi, I’m Lea, sometimes Lea Lou.

I love colourful food, yoga and exercise, beautiful cafés, and travel. “Lea Lou” is my platform where I share my everyday vegetarian recipes, yoga and fitness inspiration, thoughts on this wonderful thing called life as well as a bit of my personal style every now and then. Occasionally I might also take you out and about with me, whether that is to explore coffeeshops in London, where I live at the moment, or to yet undiscovered places in foreign countries.

Fancy a tour? Enjoy browsing through my blog, and don’t hesitate to drop me an email to hello@lealou.me in case of questions, inquiries, criticism, or just to say hi. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lea Lou


Feel free to contact me via hello@lealou.me in case of cooperation and advertising inquiries. However, I do reserve my right to thoroughly review all requests, invitations and press releases whether a topic goes in line with my concept before responding. If you are interested I am happy to send you my media kit, too.

All images on this blog are taken by myself unless I name the corresponding photo credit in the body of the blog post. 


Lea was born in 1989 in Hesse, Germany, and studied Marketing Communication in Berlin. After she has been living in London to work in the Marketing department at Stella McCartney, she spent three years in Hamburg where she worked as a Crossmedia Manager at the publishing house Eat Smarter GmbH. To achieve her Master of Business Administration (MBA), Lea moved to London in June 2015 where she currently lives, works, writes, edits and cooks.  

Lea writes a monthly column for Mio Magazin and works as a freelance editor for various platforms and magazines such as Companion Magazine, Freunde von Freunden and Zeit Online.

Photo credit: Elena Shamis

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