It’s here: My book “Happily Healthy“ is out! (Plus: New video online)

So today is the day that you can actually go and get “Happily Healthy“ in the shops. Whooho! I’m having a little launch event in Hamburg tonight (trust me, I’m a nervous wreck), and there’s a new video on my Youtube channel which you shouldn’t miss! Read more below.

I’m too nervous about tonight to be able to write a long story here. All I want to say is: Feel free to join the celebrations tonight (read more here), watch the latest video, which has actually been produced for the book launch, on my Youtube channel (***read a note on Youtube below), and then: Go visit your closest book store! I would love for you to have a look inside the book (and eventually buy it of course hihi). Please do let me know your feedback on it, share any photos of the recipes you’re trying, and let me know how you get on with the HIIT and yoga session in the book.

Alright, that’s what happens when I say I have nothing to say. I’m writing a novel (kind of).

See you tonight (hopefully)!

Lea Lou

PS: Did you see – “Happily Healthy“ is currently featured in the latest issue of EAT SMARTER and Grazia Magazin. Oh myyyy!



***To be honest, the project Youtube is giving me a bit of a hard time. I would LOVE to be filming more videos, especially about my exercise and yoga practice. I feel I have a lot to say in that area, and I would love to be filming more recipes, too, however, I struggle with space (for exercise and yoga), equipment (especially for recipe videos I would need an overhead tripod), plus, it REALLY helps if someone else does the filming so that I can concentrate on the fact that I’m in the frame. I’ve been trying to make plans and figure it all out for a while now, and it really bothers me that I still haven’t found a way to include videos into my daily life more. If there’s anyone out there who has some tips or who would like to offer their assistance, I appreciate if you get in touch. Thank you! <3

Featured photo and video: Karin Capuano

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