And so a new chapter begins (also: a day trip to Burg Eltz and Cochem)

The past few weeks have been pretty overwhelming for me, and more then overwhelming they were exhausting, physically and emotionally. I only just realise this now, as I sit down on the train home after a day trip to Burg Eltz and Cochem (see more below) and, well, just sit. I didn’t really have time to do that for a while, and I also didn’t want to make a big thing out of it at first; but as I can reflect on things easiest while writing them down, I wanted to share this post with you today anyway.

I left London two weeks ago, and I gave up my flat in Hamburg, too. It’s the beginning of an entire new chapter, but paradoxically everything remains the same, too. I just live somewhere else now, end of the story.

Well, of course that’s not the end of it yet. But I do feel that these days it doesn’t actually make a difference where one lives. Flights take us to all places in Europe within hours, and just by sitting on a train I can drive to Berlin from Munich in five hours or so. That’s why I decided to leave London – because I can, and I will, still be there a lot: I would never want to miss out on all the inspiration which I take from this city. London gives me so much, and I have met some amazing people during my two years there.

But at the same time, I find London pretty tough. Especially the past year has shown me that, on the one hand, London can give you much, but on the other it can also take much, if not more, from you. London is big, it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s exhausting. People are always in the search of “something“ – even better if that “something“ is “something new“.

Most of you would probably say that I am very lucky to be able to work from home, and I agree with that up to a certain extent. However, working from home – in a home that is not yours, where none of the furniture is your own, and that you share with other people – can be pretty lonely and demotivating, trust me.

I have been thinking about moving back to Germany for a whole while now, and around Christmas I decided it’s just about time. I didn’t want to move back to Hamburg, and Berlin has never really felt “home“ to me, so I decided I want to give Frankfurt a try. My family, who has become more important than ever to me over the past years, lives nearby, and after I’ve been living in Berlin, Hamburg and London, I got to the point where I realised that I’m not so much the big city girl I thought I was. I believe that Frankfurt has just the right size.

My book will be launched in Germany in two months’ time, my employer is German, and I have a feeling that Frankfurt has the international vibes which I think I will miss most from London. I found myself a beautiful loft apartment and cannot wait to settle in properly before I start cooking, shooting and filming in it, and I have coincidentally found a very “Lea-like“ side project which I started to do a few hours a week, at the beautiful café Hoppenworth & Ploch (come around if you’re in Frankfurt!).


Having said all that, again, I will be in London a lot, for work as well as for leisure. That’s why firstly I didn’t want to properly announce my moving. But then again, honesty is key for me, and as I’m always more comfortable with the unfiltered truth, here’s the whole story for you. I do admit that I’m still in the process of wondering whether I was too “weak“ for London and of asking myself whether I have not tried hard enough. I love this place for so many reasons, and I am sure I will miss it like crazy. However, I did feel the need to settle somewhere calmer, somewhere where I can afford a “good life“ and hopefully contribute my part to the culture and city life. Trust me, I have some great plans in mind already, and I can’t wait to tell you more about them!

Here’s to a new beginning, which, at the same time, isn’t a new beginning at all!

Lea Lou

PS: As you may have seen on Instagram, me and Marta went to Burg Eltz today. Marta, who I know from London and who has, like me, just moved to Frankfurt too, and I were astonished by the beauty of Rheingau and all the pretty towns along the river Mosel. If you’re around, I highly recommend to visit Cochem and the castle Eltz!




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