Weekly vlog: A weekend in Berlin

I spent a weekend in Berlin two weeks ago, and filmed a little with my phone. Hence, this week’s weekly vlog is taking you to Berlin!


As I have decided before, I am uploading my weekly vlogs in English as well as in German. This week’s vlog, which I filmed in Berlin, is in German, but I would for you to check it out anyway! I probably haven’t discovered the city’s most exotic spots, but I love to visit the places, which I used to visit regularly when I was still living in Berlin around six years ago, such as Markthalle Neun and The Barn.

Enjoy my little weekly vlog! And I would love for you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, where I am uploading new videos every Wednesday!

Lea Lou


Weekend-in-Berlin-2-lea-lou   Weekend-in-Berlin-Lea-Lou


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