I must admit: I don’t have much time for many words these days – because I’m co-opening a deli in two days! Balance Deli by Lea Lou has surprisingly come into my life when I did not expect it at all; it’s been and it still is a hell lot of work, but we’re about ready to celebrate our opening on Friday, 20th April! Come and join us for a glass or two!


I didn’t plan to open my own café / deli – but I must say: It has always been my dream to own or run a place at some point in my life. Surprisingly, the dream came true only just about two months ago, and I’ve been working like crazy towards the opening.

Situated inside the newly opened Balance Yoga studio City, a small counter is awaiting you downstairs, serving fresh food, Hoppenworth & Ploch coffee, smoothies and juices. You can buy my book Happily Healthy on the counter, and can make yourself feel at home on our sofas inside an urban jungle. Also, there’s a huge quiet terrace waiting for you!

Coming Friday we will celebrate the opening of Balance Deli by Lea Lou with a little opening party. Find more information on Facebook, and please come along for a glass and a chat!

Also, feel free to follow Balance Deli on Instagram and Facebook!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lea Lou




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Hi, I'm Lea Lou, food photographer, recipe artist, yoga teacher, mum-to-be – and always smiling. Have fun on my blog!

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