Needless to say, I didn’t just stumble into Greenwich Park wearing a new favorite summer outfit which I found on ASOS a couple of weeks ago and my favorite accessory from this year’s spring: my white hat. With me was Emilie who took some pretty pictures of all: the site, the outfit and, last but not least, my smiley face.


Looking at the pictures, I wonder if I just imagine my presence having changed since I moved to London two months ago or whether it actually did: I am so happy here, I catch myself smiling widely for no reason on a regular basis, may it be on the train (confusing other passengers) or in the queue at a supermarket till (again, confusing others).


London feels like a home to me already – and I am certain it is amazing parks like Greenwich Park and such impressive architecture like the one found in the National Maritime Museum that make me feel comfortable in this amazing city.


Wherever you are: Enjoy your day!

Lea Lou




Shirt and trousers: Reclaimed Vintage (via ASOS)
Shoes: Truffle (via ASOS)
Hat: H&M

Photos: Emilie van Camp


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