Going through the still long imaginary list of cafés in Hamburg I still have not been to, I thought of Café Mimosa in St. Pauli, where I actually had one quick cup of tea before but never tasted any of their food, and found that their weekend breakfast menu is available on weekdays, too.


Thus, last Thursday was supposed to be a good day for a (quasi) first liaison between Café Mimosa and myself, and we found ourselves feasting the breakfast specialties: the vegetarian breakfast made of goat’s and cream cheese as well as cheese slices, Caprese and fruit, besides homemade whole grain and white bread, and warm brioches – the breakfast option Café Mimosa is known most for. Whether they come with sweet orange or berry jam, or – traditionally Sicilian – with lemon sorbet: The warm yeast dough balls are as fluffy as they could be and a comforting start into the day, especially in Winter.


Although we didn’t manage to have a slice of birthday cake after our breakfasts, the homemade cakes at Café Mimosa are worth a try, too, think of chocolate, cheese or lemon cake as well as brownies to mention just a few of the ever-changing offer.


Also, lunch is famous at Café Mimosa, too. The pasta dishes in particular are the reason why many people come by regularly, but also sandwiches, salads and sometimes even pizza dishes are served.


Even if a quick Espresso is all you are longing for, I suggest to have it at Café Mimosa, since a small Italian biscuit still is served with every coffee (as well as tea) you order here, a gesture that happens way too rarely, I find, and makes me being thrilled to bits.


Café Mimosa
Clemens-Schultz-Straße 87
20359 Hamburg
+49 40 32 03 79 89
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm



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