Enjoy Dressings: A review of Kühne’s blogger event

When Kühne invites four handful of bloggers to present the new “Enjoy Dressings” you may think of the event being as colourful as the images below. After some wellness treats at the beauty salon “Adam & Eve” we were flying high at “Sturmfreie Bude” near the Alster – and celebrated with salads, cupcakes, a photo booth and confetti.


Being invited to the blogger event by the agency Pony & Blond, the occasion was to introduce us bloggers to the four new salad dressings “Balsamico Vinaigrette”, “Mango Power Dressing”, “Himbeer (raspberry) vinaigrette” and “Sylter Art Dressing” (a vegan creamy dressing) from Kühne.


But not only were we invited to try the new dressings – we also got the chance to enjoy a mani- or pedicure or a massage at the beauty salon Adam & Eve first, and headed towards Sturmfreie Bude later that day, where – besides a spectacular view over the entire city – a massive salad and drinks buffet awaited us.


All salads, arugula with antipasti or potato salad with falafel for instance, were of course made with Kühne’s Enjoy dressings – and even convinced me although I always make my salad dressings myself.


A mountain of cupcakes with berry frosting and some photo booth action including a pile of confetti on top – and we left the event being as happy and full as we could be. I am sure each of us had a fun night and “enjoyed” it to the maximum.



PonyBlond_Kuehne-0221 Kopie






Photos: Phillip Eggers

The review has been written in my sole discretion and is not sponsored by Kühne. 

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