*I have added the little star here, because I have already given you a detailed house tour on Youtube a few months ago, including some notes on DIY projects I’ve been doing in my apartment.


You can read all about how I actually ended up in my apartment and why and how I live there in the current issue of “Frankfurt du bist so wunderbar”. Here and today I am sharing with you the images only – because they turned out too beautiful to not share them!

Lea Lou Home story

Fun fact: By now I do have a carpet for my side table, but I still live without chairs! Maybe that’s just how it is supposed to be – yes to kitchen parties, flying buffets and a dance floor in my living room.

Lea Lou Home story 1

I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos by my dear friend Claudia (you may want to have a look at her beautiful travel guide!).

And have a nice weekend everyone!

Lea Lou

Lea Lou Home story 9

Lea Lou Home story 2

Lea Lou Home story 3

Lea Lou Home story 4

Lea Lou Home story 6

Lea Lou Home story 7

Lea Lou Home story 8

Lea Lou Home story 8

Photos (apart from featured photo): Claudia Simchen

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