As someone who takes photos of food nearly every day, I could write novels about pottery, or, let’s put in more general: dishes. Trust me when I say that you can spend a fortune on them, and my experience is that usually it is well worth to invest in beautiful handmade ceramics – not just because they simply look more beautiful, but mainly because there is something so satisfying about holding a ceramic cup in your hands, which you know has been built by actual hands, not by a machine which produces hundreds of cups per hour (or so I assume).


Thanks to Hoppenworth & Ploch, the café, whose team I joined right after I moved to Frankfurt, I met Jérôme and Isa from Frankfurt-based art collective Hartmud which is devoted to the creation of high-end ceramics for cooking (and eating, obviously!) purposes. They are currently working on a custom-made pottery collection for Hoppenworth & Ploch, and luckily I was also gifted with some of Hartmud’s beautiful coffee cups, bowls and cereal bowls.
Hartmud sells their handcrafted items via their online shop, and they also have a website which is updated regularly.


But now, let’s talk breakfast. Or, should I say non-breakfast, as what I am going to tell you now might sound weird: I have captured granola in these images, but, in fact, I’m not a granola for breakfast person at all. In 90% of all cases my breakfast routine consists of porridge, which I jazz up with flax and chia seeds, goji berries, hemp (or pea) protein, cinnamon, fruits, a spoonful of yogurt (our bodies can absorb the nutrients in oats best with some dairy, did you know?) and another spoonful of peanut butter. It’s my all-time favorite breakfast, and I seem to not get tired of the warming, filling mash.


Granola, on the other hand, is my favourite dessert! Hah, who would have guessed!? But I have to be precise here: People often laugh about me, because I love a tiny little bowl (something like the small ones by Hartmud as captured here) with some thick yogurt (3,5% fat content is a must), some fruits, a little granola and  – the best thing – a spoonful of smooth almond butter. It’s such a treat, and I know I sound like the biggest dessert diva alive, but I actually do feel incomplete if I don’t get to enjoy this treat before I go to bed.


In case you’re interested in making your own granola, there’s a video on my Youtube channel for apricot, mango and coconut granola. The recipe is in my book “Happily Healthy“, too, as well as there is a recipe for a cinnamon, cranberry and pumpkin seed granola.
Whether you prefer it for breakfast or dessert (or lunch, or afternoon tea, …?), I would love to encourage you to try making your own granola. It’s the simplest thing and will contain so much less sugar than when you buy it in a shop!


Oh, and just in case you wondered: Avocado and poached eggs are indeed “breakfast breakfast“ for me, on weekends, at least. I guess I should officially call myself a breakfast diva!


Have a lovely sunny Tuesday!

Lea Lou 



Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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