Indeed, the work for her label NUSUM has a lot to do with feelings, Lotta tells me. Being responsible for the sketches, she doesn’t want to simply sell garments to her customers, but wants to give them the feeling that they look wonderful. According to Lotta, one occurs completely different in daily life when dressed well, namely: self-confident and strong. As a fashion designer, she sees it as her responsibility to allow her customers to feel well.
Since the collections of NUSUM generally underlie feelings, one might not embrace the peculiarity of the garments at first. Lotta aims to incarnate these feelings, to then change them into fashion. However, her style can easily be summarized in two features, those being clearly defined shapes and a timeless elegance.


Hence, the theme of NUSUM’s SS15 collection is both a feeling as well as the title of the collection: EASINESS. Both the designs and colours as well as the fabrics are supposed to remind one of a light breeze by the ocean, or to embody a moment right here and now. The royal blue silk skirt and the pastel batik top I am wearing in the pictures are the key pieces of the collection.


At the very moment, Lotta and Tessa, latter being the dressmaker of NUSUM and therefore Lotta’s significant other, are putting all their effort and energy into the Fall/Winter 2015/16 collection which will be called “What keeps me going”. Thus, this is also the relevant question Lotta asks herself when designing the individual pieces for the collection, trying to find out what inspires and motivates us again and again. The garments obviously will reflect the typical clear lines NUSUM is known for, however, they will also be boho- and 70s-inspired, she announces.


Furthermore, Lotta and Tessa are working on a variety of cooperations of any kind. Being sure that the fashion design scene in Hamburg would be much more relevant if only more protagonists would collaborate, Lotta has started a project called “NUSUM meets”. In that context she has just designed an outfit for the latest music video of German singer and songwriter Marla Blumenblatt.


What’s next, you may ask – suffice is to say that NUSUM cooperates with the two girls behind Kleiderei this time, and their collaboration will deal with a very NUSUM-non-typical piece of clothing: the denim jeans! Be curious for more information to come.

By the way: By now, I have visited Lotta and Tessa in their studio a couple of times. The flowers on top of the coffee table next to the cloakroom were different ones each time, one bouquet more beautiful then the other. Needless to say that only those who love what they do, care for small details like this one. I am sure I will be back for good soon!

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Hochallee 118
20149 Hamburg

Silk skirt “Anne”: 440 €
Batik top “Kathi”: 690 €
Blouson “Marlita”: 490 €
White shirt “Anni”: 320 €

Photos: Yelda Yilmaz

Thanks to “Meine Kleinraumdisko” for the amazing location!



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