I’m bombarding you with a range of topics today, however, eventually they all come back to just one subject: the little baby inside of me, who is currently as active as possible, reminding me day and night with soft kicks that only in a couple of months he/she will be here, turning our world upside down. Wow, this is all so overwhelming and beautiful. I’m telling you today whether we are having a boy or a girl, plus there’s a little general pregnancy update, and I am showing you a few images of last weekend’s The Family Circle in Hamburg where I could not resist the baby shopping any longer and bought… well, I admit: a lot.

Its-a-baby-Lea-LouClearly the most often asked question, when it comes to my pregnancy, is: “Sooo: Boy or girl – do you know already?” Yes, we do. We have been knowing the sex of our baby for quite a while now, because I have done a harmony blood test during the 10th week (for various personal reasons, in case anyone asks). Therefore, we know the sex of our little one since about ten weeks (I’m now in the 24th week), and I would lie to say that I wasn’t super excited to find out. My hands were literally shaking when the doctor called us inside her room that day.

I should perhaps say beforehand that I had a feeling. From the beginning. Over the past few years I always thought I’m more a “boy’s mum”, one who is running around with her little wild one. However, when I got pregnant, I immediately thought it’s a girl. I saw a girl in my dreams, I sometimes even said “she” even though I didn’t even know whether it’s a she or a he yet. My boyfriend, too, thought it was a girl.

So, when the doctor said – caution, cliché – that we should rather paint the nursery pink instead of blue, it all just made total sense. But, wow, what a moment this was. I will never forget my heart beat the second she told us, and I will never forget the feeling. I must have smiled wider than my face allows. I am so grateful and happy to have a little baby girl, although I do believe that I would be equally happy about a boy (in particular because of what I wrote above about me as a boy’s mum). I guess there’s something true about what they say: It’s always just perfect as it is.

Its a girl

Right now I could not be happier and have more anticipation about our baby girl who is due in February. If you have watched my Youtube video about the 1st trimester, you may be surprised to hear that things have changed drastically. I’m so in love with everything: life, the baby. It’s beautiful, and there’s a part of me that wishes for this current state to continue forever – except that I do want to meet my daughter at some point, of course!


In my Instagram story I have showed you around The Family Circle in Hamburg last weekend, which was amazing, with talks and workshops, pregnancy yoga and lots of retailers selling their products. I could not hold myself back any longer, and bought … a lot. It’s crazy how much these tiny pieces of textile cost, but then again, obviously I do want all things organic merino, alpaca and cotton for my little one. I clearly did not have to buy all these things – but trust me, it is so much fun! I could stare at the petit gloves by Petit Kolibri all day, and the elephant musical clock by Sebra is already being used every night, when I play it – close to my belly – for my little one.


We do have all “necessary“ shopping ahead of us still, think stroller, Babybay bed, cradle, baby changing table and baby carrier. I would be interested to hear: What are your tips with regards to all things baby layette?


I am listing you some of the brands below – however, this blog post is not sponsored by any partner.

Lea Lou





Sleeping bag: Lebôme (via Kleines Karussell)
Soft toy lion: Kongos Sløjd (via Kleines Karussell)
Pink cloth : Camcam Copenhagen (via Kleines Karussell)
Grey and beige cloth also via Kleines Karrusell (brand unknown)
Pram chain via Nonikids Berlin
Elephant musical clock: Sebra (via Kleines Karusell)
Pink hat with yellow pompom: Lina & Curious
Set of grey hat, glove and shows: Petit Kolibri
Grey trousers, beige dotted babygrow and grey winter playsuit: Engel (via Nonikids Berlin)
Grey babygrow, pink trousers with stripes and dotted cloth: Petit Oh!
Beige and pink knit jumper: self-made by grandma 🙂 <3
Wall decoration via Wohngeschwisterchen


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