It’s almost half a year ago that I moved to Frankfurt, voluntarily, nobody asked or forced me to it, and I also didn’t come for a job. I come from the area originally, and after living in Berlin, Hamburg and London I felt I somehow wanted to come back (closer) to my roots.


So, here I am, although I didn’t spend too much time in the city yet, have I been working in Hamburg during summer, and because I like to travel on the weekends whenever I can.


However, what I can say is that it is nice here indeed. Many people seem to have an image of Frankfurt which is way obsolete, at least that is my impression. It is a lot more than just banking, and it has a lot more than ugly houses and “Mainhatten“. There’s the river Main, there are lovely areas with pretty cafés and cute shops like Nordend and Sachsenhausen, there are great restaurants and there are lots of bars and parties. The crowd is diverse, there’s a lot of English language everywhere you go, just how I imagined it to be.


I am not entirely convinced yet that this place is for me – deep inside I will always call Hamburg my most favourite city in Germany, I guess –, but I see a lot of potential in Frankfurt. There’s art, there’s money, there are different cultures and many creative minds and “doers”, I believe.


Also, and that perhaps just as a side note, the weather in Frankfurt is amazing. From the few days I have spent here in Summer, it felt as if every day was sunny and hot. There’s so much less rain than in Hamburg and London, and I feel that we had an actual summer with plenty of sun.


Some of you know that I am dreaming of opening my own café / deli at some point. This dream has become a little more precise recently, as I started to talk to people about it. So, you can guess that I have already visited most of the cafés in Frankfurt, particularly the ones which celebrate the third wave coffee movement. There are a few ones which I like, sadly not as many as in London, Berlin or Hamburg, but again, I am optimistic that this will change in Frankfurt, too.


Café Fein Frankfurt ist definitely not a place where bearded barista with glasses serve cold brew or pour-over coffee, but I like it anyway. The café is built into an old “Trinkhalle”, and it seems to make any girls’ dreams come true with plenty of pastel colours, different sweets, lemonade, coffee and the best almond croissants one can find in this town.


So, Claudia – one of the lovely people I have met here in Frankfurt – and I met at Fein Frankfurt for a coffee last week, Claudia with her camera and me with a hat. She took plenty of photos while I just sat down and ate a croissant (it was a very good one indeed!). Here are a few of the photos for you to enjoy the atmosphere at Fein, too, Claudia will also upload them to her website soon.


Check out Fein Frankfurt if you can, and have a lovely weekend everyone!

Lea Lou


All photos in this article taken by Claudia Simchen.

Wool jumper: H&M
Coat: Just Female
Shorts: ICHI
Sneakers: Adidas


Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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