As I have unveiled in my previous blogpost about Los Angeles, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful cousin who calls Los Angeles his (current) home. Even before I left from that first visit last year in December, he offered me to host any time soon again – yay! I honestly did not think I would be back for a while, but also did not know back then how much I would actually be going to miss Los Angeles!


There was something in the Californian air which has deeply bound myself to the city and its surroundings. Whether it is the amount of sunlight Los Angeles gets every day, the fact that the sparkling sea is apparent at all times, or the laissez-faire attitude of the people, I am not sure; but I would go so far to say that I could actually imagine to live in Los Angeles, at least for a while or so.
Hence, I have actually been thinking a lot about going back soon again, not only for leisure, but also to promote the cookery and lifestyle book, which I am currently writing, once it is printed. The idea was to go back this coming autumn, however, I might also finally jump on the Coachella bandwagon after having told my cousin three years in a row that I would join next year for sure.


Whether it will be autumn 2016 or spring 2017: This time I will make sure to see a lot more of the entire country! I indeed made it to San Diego already, and have indeed been stunned by the beauty of Mission Beach just south of Los Angeles; but what I really want to see next time is: San Francisco, including the entire way up via highway 1! Santa Barbara, for instance, is not only one of the places I have already on my mind for the way up the coast, but is also recommended in Avis’ very own “Tour of California”. So is Pismo Beach, and I must admit that I have not yet heard of this very beach, which is, according to Avis, worth a stop on the way up to San Francisco.


As far as the rest of my trip is concerned, I will wait with the planning until I have a set date on mind. Either way, I can not wait for a little road trip, including some glorious, serious summery weather, the sunshine, plenty of daylight, blue sky and sea breeze in my life.

Where are you heading to for this year, have you even planned a road trip any time soon yourself? I am excited to hear about your travel plans!

Lea Lou

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