I have told you everything about my English book in this blog post already, and am very happy to now be able to announce that the preorders for the German edition are starting immediately! The hardcover will be in the stores as of May 2017 – but if you would like your book to be sent to your address as soon as it is out, then have a look on Amazon and preorder it there!

The English version, which I have self-published in December 2016, is available as softcover and ebook here. The books differ a little from each other: The cover is different, a few recipes vary and the Yoga and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) images in the German version are a lot more beautiful thanks to the support of my publisher. Until now it has been such a great experience to work with ZS, who seems to be keen on any of my (sometimes crazy) ideas, and I am sure the book will turn out into a beautiful one!

I would obviously love for you to be interested in both editions to support a “new“ author like me. I might have an idea for a second book already, and in order to be able to publish it with ZS again, I hope you all buy as many books as you can!

I have also posted a video on my Youtube channel which I created for the salespeople at ZS Verlag in which I introduce myself and the idea for my book “Happily Healthy“. It’s in German, I’m afraid, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Lea Lou



Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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