That one sometimes does not see the wood for the trees I had to determine once again during the past week: After I have been living in Ottensen, Hamburg for nearly two years, walking down the streets over and over, visiting cafés, shops and supermarkets every day, I thought I would know my neighbourhood very well by now. Well, at least I thought so – until I found myself standing within a stone’s throw away from my house in front of the concept store “The Box Hamburg”.


What might sound like a miniature antique shop first (considering the name “The Box” I expected a furniture fund as small as a treasure chest), turned out to be a two storeyed industrial hall, crammed with vintage furniture from the last decades, from overseas, made out of leather, wood, glass or covered in fabrics, everything as beautiful and stunning that, for a short moment, words failed me.


I was stunned by the size of the “box”, how the concept store is called lovingly, as well as completely overwhelmed due to the variety and beauty of the vintage furniture one can buy at The Box Hamburg.


However, one is also invited to just come by and enjoy a cup of coffee from The Box Café & Bistro sitting in the comfy (arm)chairs or on the long wooden tables at The Box Hamburg. I suggest you best take a couple of books or coffee-table books dealing with art, architecture and photography and make yourself at home for some hours.


The azure sofa “Soho House” by George Smith – the eye-catcher in the centre of the box – for instance, is well worth any visit and as comfortable as you can imagine. But let me warn you: You surely don’t ever want to get up again after sitting there for a while, yet you kind of have to say goodbye at some point – unless there are 14.500 Euros left in your bank account.


Furthermore, The Box Hamburg also functions as an event location with concerts and readings taking place on a regular basis. Also, you can rent the box for your own party or event. Last but not least, the two in house galleries “The Box Gallery” and “Lazy Dog Gallery” show art, design and photography from various decades.


Now, what do you think? Can you think of anything else one may expect from a concept store? I am sure: There is no wish being unfulfilled at The Box Hamburg. Enjoy your visit and have a lovely weekend!

Lea Lou


Visit the website or Facebook page for more information about The Box Hamburg. All items from the store are also available in the online shop.

The Box Hamburg
Borselstraße 16f
22765 Hamburg






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