Not only have I lived in Hamburg for three years – it must also be my favourite city in entire Germany. I recently spent two days up north, and am showing you around beautiful Hamburg in this week’s weekly vlog. Et voilà: Specialty coffee, food and more – my Hamburg guide! 

Obviously, my Hamburg guide is all about food, coffee and the outdoors, and I have included a pretty concept store in Schanzenviertel, too. However, I suppose the correct name for the video or guide should be “the ultimate guide to specialty coffee in Hamburg“ – honestly, I don’t quite understand how I managed to film all of my favourite cafés within just two days. I promise I keep my caffeine intake at two coffees a day haha!

Anyway, I took my camera with me, so here a few photos for you, too.

Have you been to Hamburg? Or are planning a visit soon? I highly advise you to do so – and perhaps even use my guide when planning the trip?

I’m back here later this week from India!

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