Wow, 2018 – you were a lot! Exactly a year ago – in 2017, the year of my relocation from London to Frankfurt, the launch of my book Happily Healthy and the year of my yoga teacher training in India – I wrote down in my diary that I long for a calmer 2018 with a focus on my personal life and less ambition to push my career.

EAST-END-ESTABLISHED-1999-Lea-LouApparently, however, 2018 had different plans for me. In March already I noted down that I’ve had enough: Can I please chill for the rest of the year?! In short, the beginning of 2018 looked like this: In January, the first episode of my cooking show with Foodboom was filmed, and I cooked a 3-course-meal for 50 guests at Libertine Lindenberg. In February I started teaching yoga – oh how nervous I was. In March I did a catering for 70 people with recipes from my book. This, too, was a big event for me, linked with lots of nervousness.

After a long, dark, eventful winter I was ready for some holidays by the end of March. But instead of flying somewhere warm, I decided to take on yet another fresh challenge: I co-openend a deli in Balance Yoga Institut. Hence, I spent spring 2018 writing a concept for the deli, hiring staff, researching suppliers, writing rotas and menus. It was a lot of work – too much, I quickly realised, especially because I did all the work besides my full-time job. I should have known that I would never be able to do a good job, and I quickly was very frustrated, because, simply, I was over-challenged.

After we opened Balance Deli at the end of May, I immediately gave up my position as manager. It was a tough decision to make, but I realised that I could not do my job „good enough“ to my own needs. Giving up something is not my thing at all, so I struggled for a while with my decision, but eventually found that I had learnt a lot nonetheless – also by saying “no”.

So, could I get some rest then? Well, no. Instead I found out I was pregnant. Oh wow! That was not planned at all, but apparently the stress at the deli had confused my cycle quite a bit.

There’s no need to say that the rest of 2018 was pretty much a roller coaster ride, both emotionally as well as physically. I had to go through many insecurities, doubts and emotions. A baby? …My boyfriend and I seemed to be so not ready for this. However, they say there is no such thing like the right time for a baby, and so now, towards the end of the year, I am happy and proud to say that we managed pretty well to get used to our new role the role of parents to be. By now, the excitement and love for my baby girl is bigger than anything else I have ever felt, and I am so ready to meet her soon!

Funnily, my wishes and resolutions for 2018, which I summarised in this blogpost in collaboration with EAST END | ESTABLISHED 1999 a year ago, did therefore come true. I had to face some extremes and make some detours, but my focus definitely switched from my career towards my personal life. My new role, the role of being a mother, feels pretty natural to me already.

This year I once again collaborate with EAST END for this end-of-year review. I looked through my bullet journals, diaries and the baby album to remember everything that happened in 2018 before writing this text, and as so often I cannot believe that all of the above happened within twelve months. It was a very challenging, special year for me, one in which I have learnt more than ever about myself and my relationships and also about feelings which I did not know before. Thanks to my diaries I am sure I will remember 2018 as a very special year – even when I am old and grey.


I hope you, too, are able to sit back and reflect on 2018. Do you write down your thoughts, feelings and impressions in a diary or bullet journal? Personally, I have been doing this for the past ten years, and it honestly is the best way to make memories forever.

EAST-END-ESTABLISHED-1999-Lea-Lou-3I am very happy that EAST END chose me once again for a collaboration – especially as the current fashion item, the diary pocketbook “My Memory”, goes so well together with my passion for writing. I already wrapped my 2019 calendar in the pocket, and can’t wait to start writing down all the memories that I will want to hold on to next year – the year of birth of my first daughter.

Lea Lou

This blogpost has been created in the context of a paid collaboration with EAST END.


Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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