Who follows me on Instagram knows: I am a breakfast person. I love breakfasts more than any other meal of the day and would totally swap a late (and big!) breakfast for my daily lunch if I could: with fruits and muesli, yogurt, bread and cheese, potentially with a boiled egg and surely with tomato and avocado by the side. I sometimes even go one step further and cook my breakfast, this is to say I make porridge by soaking oats in water and refining it with nuts, seeds and/or dried fruits, or I would sometimes even make a stack of pancakes with fruits.

How I now bend a bow from my breakfast rituals to a balanced diet, you wonder? Well, that’s easy, because I am sure: Those of you who prepare their own meals at home already know most about a balanced way of eating. ´Cause let’s be honest, I am sure you do neither use aroma or flavour enhancer nor palm fat, but a vegetable oil such as olive oil, don’t you? And in terms of salt and pepper, I am sure you do not only use half of them compared to the amount that most ready-made meals contain.

But cross my heart, time is sometimes simply too short to set up the entire food processor for making one single smoothie. Hence, we need to lower our sights, this is to say could use the ready-made tomato sauce every now and then or buy a juice or smoothie to have with our (homemade) porridge. I don’t exclude myself here, however, we should know some facts about ready-made meals and drinks.


Let’s take for instance the example smoothies and juices: Available only since a short while in German supermarkets are the “Superjuices” by Organic Revolution. Their product range consists of seven fruit and vegetable juices, all being 100 % cold-pressed which allows vitamins and nutritions to be conserved longer than when juices and smoothies  are being pasteurized. All “Superjuices” are vegan, except the type “Berry Babe”, and considering the fact that the bottles contain 500 ml of juice (and because the bottles look very pretty, too), they significantly attract one’s attention.

However, given the fact that each bottle “Superjuice” by Organic Revolution makes us think we are doing our bodies something very good with it, there is the other side of the coin, too, and it is called: sugar. Although we are talking about fructose, sugar remains sugar and besides all kinds of vitamins, a lot of fibre and many antioxidants, each 500 ml bottle of “Superjuice” contains a lot of sugar, too.
As a woman, you shouldn’t be consuming more than 50 g of sugar per day, which is 10 % of your daily need of nutritional value (which is approx. 2.000 kcal). However, it is important to know that those 50 g do not only count for “visible” sugars, but for the entire amount of consumed sugars throughout the day, may it be honey for breakfast, tomato sauce for lunch or a fruit yogurt for dinner.


If I prepare my own juices or smoothies at home, I would add a large amount of water or coconut water or milk and try to avoid additional sweeteners such as agave syrup, maple syrup or honey to make my smoothie or juice as un-sweet as possible. Just keep in mind that, with a bottle of the type “Master Clenase” for instance, you feed yourself with 41 g of sugar per bottle (that is 8,2 g sugar per 100 ml) – which, oops, almost is your entire need of sugars per day!

Nonetheless, the “Superjuices” by Organic Revolution aren’t called “Superjuices” for nothing: Whether it is “Master Cleanse” including cayenne pepper, “Pure Shine” with carrot, apple, orange and pineapple juice or “Spicy O” made with orange juice and goji berries as well as cayenne pepper and turmeric – the “Superjuices” are both vitamin- as well as taste-wise a bull’s eye!
My favourite types of the seven different ones are “Good Vibes” (including apple, kale and lemon), “Beet Royal” (with apple, beetroot, orange and açai) as well as “Berry Babe” (think strawberries, raspberries, cherries, stevia and cayenne pepper). All juices are rather viscous, just so you can taste the actual fruit, which I like a lot about the juices!


If you want to make sure you make the right decision in terms of the sugar inside the juices, I suggest you go for “Berry Babe” with only 4,5 g sugar per 100 ml (22,5 g sugar per bottle). Be careful with the flavour “°pure Shine” though, consisting of 46 g sugar per 500 ml bottle.

Thus, guys, let me give you this little advise to come to an end: You may happily enjoy the delicious “Superjuices” by Organic Revolution – because so do I –, just maybe add some water to them and split your bottle of juicy juice into two days. There’s another good thing about doing so: Drinking twice of the juice lets you indulge in it twice, too!

Happy breakfast time!

Lea Lou


Basic recipe for porridge  extensible with all kinds of fruit, spices, nuts, seeds or flakes

For two servings:
80 g rolled oats
200 ml water
100 ml milk (alternatively almond, oat or soy milk)

Mix oats, water and milk in a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. Cook the porridge for about five minutes, stirring it occasionally. Add some more water or milk if necessary, to prevent the porridge from scorching.

Add fruit, spices (such as cinnamon or the core of a vanilla bean), seeds, nuts or flakes to the porridge before serving it – enjoy!

Click here for another porridge recipe.


This article is a sponsored one in close collaboration with Organic Revolution. 


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