Last weekend I finally managed to organize a trip to Mainz, where I have been wanting to visit the pop-up bakery Bakery am Rhein for many weeks now! Bakery am Rhein is a pop up bakery initiated by Pankratiushof at the Waschhaus Mainz. We tried one of the breakfast boxes by Bakery am Rhein and loved everything about it! 

Due to the Corona virus, Pankratiushof’s restaurant must remain closed. One is still able to visit the farm and shop fresh produce, delicatessen and baking goods at Pankratiushof, but not eat at the restaurant. Instead, Pankratiushof startet the pop up bakery “Bakery am Rhein” at Waschhaus Mainz, which is located next to the river Rhine in the city centre of Mainz. 

Bakery am Rhein

We drove all the way to Mainz to have a picnic at the Rhine riverside with one of the breakfast boxes. They are available at both locations: Bakery am Rhein and Pankratiushof. If you want to enjoy the box as a picnic immediately, I recommend you order it to the pop up bakery and pick it up from there.

Bakery am Rhein

Each breakfast box serves up to 4 persons. The box contains: cheese, salami, smoked trout, butter, cream cheese, jam, chocolate spread, 4 eggs, granola, yogurt, fruit salad and vegetable salad. Everything is homemade! And everything tastes absolutely amazing!

Bakery am Rhein

Whether you visit Bakery am Rhein for a breakfast box or just a coffee and croissant to go, is up to you. I would say: Both is definitely worth a visit! The bakery at Waschhaus Mainz is cool to visit, and ALL the products simply taste great (we tried a good majority of the pastries, cakes, plus the baguette and brioche). Personally, I particularly love those kind of creative, innovative and aesthetic concepts during lockdown – they make the every day blur a little more exciting!

Who of you has already been at Bakery am Rhein?

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Bakery am Rhein
Bakery am Rhein

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