Breakfast in Cape Town – wow, where should I even start? The people in Cape Town seem to love their morning breakfast routine, even on weekdays, the cafés are crowded! We were served amazing breakfast at any of the places we went to – whether that was classic egg dishes such as Eggs Benedict, spiced French Toast, fresh juices and smoothies or African inspired dishes such as green Shakshuka with beans. 

My top 10 spots for breakfast in Cape Town are all almost within a walking distance from each other in the city centre of Cape Town; besides the food served, I also enjoyed the atmosphere, the service as well as the coffee. I’ll write more about specialty coffee in the next blog post!

1) Between us
My most favourite place for breakfast of all the spots! Simply everything was perfect there: the food (try the scones with clotted cream and homemade jam! Or how about poached pears with granola and thick yogurt? I also had the best porridge – made with caraway and aniseeds, served with rhubarb rose compote), the service, the location (so much light!) as well as small details such as curated flowers on the tables, which are renewed every Monday by a florist. Between Us is my definite number 1 recommendation for breakfast in Capetown!

2) The Loading Bay
Great for men, as there is a menswear shop integrated into the café (or the other way around). There is an Aesop branch, too, and I really liked the appearance of the shop as well as the great coffee and granola at The Loading Bay!

3) Hemelhuijs
Hemelhuijs is a rather fancy breakfast spot, serving classics with a posh twist. There’s lunch, too, and even just a coffee is worth the visit as the café looks so beautiful, with yellow walls and fresh flowers and plants hanging from the ceiling. Hemelhuijs is located on a pedestrian zone, which means, it’s also great for sitting outside. 

4) Batavia
Close to the famous colourful houses in the district of Bo Kaap, we enjoyed spiced French Toast with baked bananas as well as poached eggs with beans and avocado at Batavia. Delicious! 

Frühstück in Kapstadt meine Top 10

5) Jason Bakery
Oh dear, these croissants! I suggest you share one with a person of your choice, otherwise you won’t be able to eat much else on that very day. Also the coffee is amazing at Jason Bakery, and on the menu are classics such as avocado, eggs, French toast and granola. There are two branches, the one in downtown Capetown is closed on Sundays. 

6) Jarryds
Wow, now this is a menu – the choice at Jarryds in Seapoint is huge; I did not get any further than porridge, which probably wan’t the most creative choice, but paired with a (great!) coffee and freshly squeezed juice, this café makes it to this top list of spots for breakfast in Capetown!

7) Superette
There’s not a lot on the menu for vegetarians, but if you leave out the bacon of their Eggs Benedict, you will be all safe and sound! The coffee was great here, and I particularly liked the kind of busy and loud(ish) atmosphere in the spacious coffeeshop – not something I normally liked, but here it was somehow cool to watch people meet up for lunch, eat, talk, and leave again. Opposite of Superette is Rosetta Roastery, I recommend you have your second coffee for the day there!

8) Skinny Legs
I’m not quite sure whether this is a promise – I don’t quite think my legs would become any skinnier if I came for breakfast to Skinny Legs every day… 😉 The atmosphere is easy and laid back, juices are great, the coffee (homemade almond milk available) was good, and the location is very central!

9) Harvest Café
I must admit, I only visited Harvest Café in Muizenberg; when we arrived at the Capetown branch, our baby slept in her pram, and we did not want to wake her up by carrying it upstairs. The menu and interior however simply is to love, juices are refreshing and delicious, and I recommend ringing your camera if you plan on visiting Harvest Café: The colourful houses of Bo Kamp are just across the street!

10) Clarke’s
I did not have my camera with me when we came her for breakfast, fact is though, Clarke’s is a must on your list for breakfast in Capetown! The space is huge, coffee is delicious, croissants are amazing, as is as the rest of the menu! We had granola with (almond) milk, Greek yogurt and fruits, which was very nice. It’s a hip place with a pretty patio, also serving lunch. 


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