It is known that it’s the little things that sweeten life. Indeed, my chocolate truffles with cream cheese and peanut butter filling sweeten one’s life, or, say, at least a day in it – or two or three or four since they are highly addictive! But, well, just as addictive as they are, they make you happy even more.


If you have been going through a chocolate-free phase in your life, I am sure you know the taste, or, let’s say, the feeling of the first piece of chocolate after some days, weeks or months without chocolate. I can’t actually describe it, but it does remind me a bit of … well, the first sip of coffee after some days, weeks or months with no coffee, or a slice of dark bread with butter and cheese after some days, weeks or months with no proper bread (I am sorry, I’m being very German here, but you know just how much we love our bread).


The more I think about it, the more comparisons come to my mind: The first piece of chocolate after some time with no chocolate also tastes like the first rhubarb spritzer in Spring, the first scoop of vanilla ice-cream with strawberries in Summer, the first slice of plum cake in Fall, or the first cup of hot chocolate in Winter.


You got me there: Without actually planning to, I do always come back to chocolate in the end. I guess, chocolate is my drug, I can’t live without it for very long.
Luckily, there are things like these death-by-chocolate chocolate truffles with cream cheese peanut butter filling.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy lots of chocolate!

Lea Lou


Chocolate truffles with cream cheese and peanut butter filling
(recipe slightly amended from Lecker Bakery 1/2015)

For approx. 28 truffles
45 g peanut butter
110 g cream cheese (full fat)
1 table spoon icing sugar
300 g dark chocolate coating
300 g chocolate cake (homemade or from the shops)
2 table spoons orange juice
10 g coconut oil
approx. 2 table spoons sugar beads or anything comparable to decorate the truffles)

Stir peanut butter, cream cheese and icing sugar. Using two tea spoons, form 28 round small heaps. Place the heaps on a plate lined with baking paper and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

Roughly chop 60 g chocolate coating and melt it over a water bath. Cool for five minutes. Crumble chocolate cake, mix and knead with the chocolate coating and the orange juice. The mixture should be easily moldable, but not too soft.

One after another, form 28 little truffles, flatten them in your hand and place a heap of cream cheese peanut butter filling in the centre. Wrap up with the chocolate cake mixture, making the truffles as round as they were before flattening them.
To avoid the filling becoming too soft, take one small heap filling out of the freezer each.
Place the chocolate truffles on baking paper and cool for at least an hour.

Roughly chop 215 g chocolate coating. Over a water bath, melt chocolate coating and coconut oil. Chop the leftover coating and set aside as decoration.
Place chocolate truffles on a fork, drizzle with some melted chocolate coating, place them on baking paper and sprinkle with sugar beads and chopped chocolate coating to finish.

Allow the chocolate truffles to cool entirely before eating them all up – or stack them in little candy glasses, wrapped with colorful ribbon, and make someone else happy!




Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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