When it comes to new cafés in my hometown Frankfurt, I’m always all ears – even more when one is being opened by former Hoppenworth & Ploch baristi and team members! So, I’m beyond excited about another inspiring place in the centre of Frankfurt: Welcome to town, Drei Kaffeebar! 

Drei Kaffeebar opened today, 29th April, for the first time – due to Corona just with take away coffee, sold through the open door, but luckily, the place is full of window facades, so that visitors and guests already get the full picture of how the place looks inside. 

Drei Kaffeebar in Frankurt

I have been walking by Drei Kaffeebar almost every day over the past weeks and days, and the windows have always been covered up. So, the surprise was even bigger today – to see the café for the first time “for real”. It’s beautifully bright and white, has a “naked” ceiling and a clean, modern design. I already picture myself sitting at one of the round coffee tables, with an Oatly flat white, made with Hoppenworth & Ploch espresso (by the way, espressi and filter are varying), in front of me. 

Drei Kaffeebar in Frankfurt

Please go and have a look at this beautiful café – as a new business in times of Corona, Drei Kaffeebar relies all the more on our support! Also, don’t miss wandering around the beautiful new Altstadt (old town) nearby, enjoy a second coffee at The Holy Cross Brewing Society and then maybe a third one at Hoppenworth & Ploch, buy a bread at Mehlwassersalz and perhaps browse for clothes in the beautiful fashion and concept store Maria. I honestly love the area more and more, thanks to places like the aforementioned opening one after another!

Drei Kaffeebar in Frankurt

Lea Lou

Drei Kaffeebar in Frankurt

Drei Kaffeebar
Fahrgasse 23
60311 Frankfurt


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