I have been carrying Mini-Lea with me (read: inside of me) for 30 whole weeks now, hence, I’m already in the final third of my pregnancy. Therefore, it’s time for a round-up of the second trimester, similar to the one which I did about the first trimester.

Lea Lou Schwangerschaft 2. Trimester

I do apologise the blurry picture of the video; while I struggled with the sound in the video of the first trimester, I now managed to have the sound under control, however, the dark December light made it difficult to get the picture sharp. Possibly it’s best to use the ten minutes rather as a podcast than video – and how about you check out the beautiful pregnancy pictures on Instagram which were taken of me last week? Also, the video sadly is in German only!

Lea Lou Schwangerschaft 2. Trimester

I am answering the following questions in the video:
– How did I feel physically and emotionally?
– What was the second trimester shaped by?
– How did the second trimester differ from the first?
– How did I eat and exercise?

I am ending the video with a lookout to the final remaining weeks of my pregnancy.
Lea Lou Schwangerschaft 2. Trimester

Enjoy the video – or the sound of it, I should probably say!

Lea Lou

The header image is by Kristina Klinger.


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