Now this is actually happening: I just uploaded a new video for you on Youtube – after a break from my #weeklyvlogs for about six months (life happened to require all my energy and time, I’m sorry). In the video I am taking you with me on a spa trip to BollAnts Spa im Park, which I loved so much that I wanted to share the experience with you. The post and video are unpaid (however, still advertisement as I am mentioning names). I just really found BollAnts to be worth suggesting, enjoy the video!


Just a stone’s throw away from Frankfurt, BollAnts Spa im Park is pretty much an oasis of calm and relaxation. We had three wonderful days at the resort – see and hear all about it in today’s video!


Speaking of hearing: I am sorry for the annoying beeping sound in the video. It seems as if I have to get used again with my technology after the filming break. By the way: As of right now I will be back with regular vlogs every fortnight! What are your thoughts: Should I continue to film the videos in English and German? Or only English / only German? Thanks for your feedback!


Enjoy your Sunday!

Lea Lou





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