Going one step further, the two actually depend from another. It often is balance – not strength – that lifts our bodies up high, and only the right breathing allows us to flow from one posture into the next.

Performed perfectly, yoga can seem difficult, challenging and, I presume, often unapproachable, at least for those who struggle with flexibility and a strong core. However, remember I already told you once before that I only just started yoga one and a half years ago? I admit that I am one of the rather flexible people anyway (who, by the way, have a whole range of other problems – we’re not just made to look goddess-like in full splits) due to an overload of Equestrian vaulting classes during my childhood and ballet lessons later on.

So, with today’s post I want to inspire you to believe that yoga is accessible for anyone and that often movements, postures and exercises, that one day seem impossible to you, turn out to be entirely doable just a month later or so! I have “learned“ all of the below within 18 months. Yoga is about continuity and practice, about broadening your physical and mental limitations every day a little, bit by bit.

Practice and all is coming! Namaste!

Lea Lou

PS: If you’re interested in reading more about my yoga practice, have a look here.

Practice and all is coming






Thanks to my dear friend Lydia for these photos and for the time you took to take and edit them! <3

Super comfortable yoga clothes – as usual – by Wellicious.


Hey, ich bin Lea Lou, Food-Fotografin, Content-Kreateurin, Mama und Yoga-Lehrerin.

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