I admit, I haven’t spent much time in the area of Eimsbüttel, Hoheluft and Eppendorf when I used to live in Hamburg until two years ago, simply because I lived further west in Ottensen. So the past two months, during which I lived near Osterstraße first and now near Isestraße, have felt like a holiday, as I discovered new beautiful places almost every day. I completely fell for all the gorgeous little shops, cafés, bars and restaurants – one of them being café Kropkå on Eppendorfer Weg!


Kropkå has opened in May this year, serving breakfast, coffee, homemade cakes and lunch during the day as well as “Stullen“ (open sandwiches) and wine until the early evening. All the food, including the cakes, is homemade, and the coffee is sourced from a Dortmund-based coffee roastery called “Neues Schwarz“. I guess that seems a little confusing at first, but only until you know that Kropkå’s owner, Katrin, originally comes from Dortmund.


Speaking of Katrin – she might be the most caring, friendly and lovely coffee shop owner I have met in a long time, possibly ever. By now I have spent a couple of hours at Kropkå drinking coffee and eating cake, and every time I was around, she took the time (a lot of time!) to talk to each and every customer in the friendliest way possible, without even trying to be lovely. She simply is, I guess, which is the reason why I wanted to tell you about this place. There are lots of cafés in Hamburg, especially in this area, but personally, I would always prefer the ones which make you feel welcomed no matter what, and that definitely is the case at Kropkå. It truly is a special place!


Katrin dreamt about her own café for a long time, so she eventually quit her job in advertising and started to fulfill her dream – that is with a supportive team, which helped her establishing the café she had in mind. Unless you would imagine, the name “Kropkå“ is not Swedish or Norwegian, but simply a neologism which Katrin wanted to sound both feminine and masculine at once. She loves girly places, she says, but wanted her own place to be attractive for both men and women.


Kropkå is a beautiful, laid-back place, whether you sit outside on the wooden tables or inside on the cosy sofa chairs. The dark grey walls and warm lights make the place feel even more like home; honestly, it’s that kind of place where you can go by yourself for a break from work or morning coffee, and you would feel just like in your own four walls – only with better coffee, more delicious food and lovely company by Katrin herself, of course.


The breakfast I have captured in the photos here is the “breakfast for 1“ with cheese (and meat unless you order the vegetarian option which I forgot to do so ended up being served meat, my bad), homemade jam, a sweet brioche, bread and a delicious greek yogurt topped with seasonal fruit. Of you’re an avocado lover like myself, I suggest the “stulle“ with spiced avocado, it’s delicious!


In case you visit Kropkå, tell Katrin I say hi!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Lea Lou





Eppendorfer Weg 174
20253 Hamburg
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30am – 7.30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 7.30pm
More info on Facebook & Instagram


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