For those who have never visited Maltby Street before, the tiny street is located between London Bridge and Bermondsey stations and is easy to find: It is located just next to the rails, right underneath the railway arches.

Being a street food market rather than a farmer’s market, Maltby Street Market has everything on offer the lazy foodie (even the most passionate cook can be lazy sometimes, right?) could wish for: coffee and pastries in the morning (try Comptoir Gourmand towards the end of the market), pulled pork burgers (if that’s your thing), salmon sandwiches, pizza slices and cheese fondue for lunch time, or waffles, cake and chocolates in the afternoon, plus drinks throughout the entire day!


I love to visit the market in the early morning for a coffee and little something, or for a gin tonic on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, as I find those times to be the quietest. I am not going to lie: Maltby Street Market does get quite busy at peak times, prepare yourself (or come early/late)!

Obviously, London wouldn’t be London if there wasn’t at least a minute of rain every day. So, another good thing about Maltby Street Market is that there are plenty of rain shelters – thanks to the arches! The beautiful interior of St. John Bakery Room is my favourite, or head inside the beautiful vintage designs at LASSCO, where you will find the Ropewalk bar that doesn’t only serve delicious cocktails and long drinks, but whose staff also doesn’t mind you bringing in your nibbles from the market outside.


As before on our tour through East London, my friend Elena has accompanied me over Maltby Street Market with her camera. I am wearing a vintage skirt by Basler which I found at Joli in Greenwich a few months ago. The crop top is from H&M, the black transparent shirt from Weekday, and the sandals are from Kanna.

Let’s hope for warmer temperatures and some sun for the coming weekend, or you will find me at the Ropewalk bar with a rosemary-infused gin tonic!

Lea Lou



Maltby Street Market
Opening times: Saturday: 9am – 4pm | Sunday:11am – 4pm

Photos: Elena Shamis


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