A couple of months ago, I spent a few days at the Hamburg-based Foodboom studios to film the first episodes of my cooking show “Loving Breakfast” with the Foodboom team! It’s been an experience I won’t forget so soon, and today I am even more excited as the first episode is finally online!

Although all of the cooking shows we produce(d) are breakfast-related recipes, every show has its own topic, and we tried to really create a story around each meal I present and each topic that I talk about.

To start with, the Foodboom team has chosen a “hipster breakfast” topic, in whose show I am making baked sweet potato with various sweet filings, and I am also guiding you through the steps of how to make a delicious pour-over filter coffee at home.

I will upload the video to my Youtube channel next week(***), too. Also, the release of the next show, in which I was lucky to have two good friends on board with me (hence, the topic here was: “breakfast with friends”), will be online on the 12th September!

Click here to watch the show, and click here to see the recipe. Also, this is the landing page where all of the shows and recipes will be uploaded, one after the other.

I hope you’re a breakfast lover just like me, and I hope you enjoy the cooking shows!

Lea Lou

***UPDATE: The video is now available on Youtube, click here!


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