It’s my 29th birthday next week Monday (20th August), and also – more importantly: I am 13 weeks PREGNANT! It is my first pregnancy, and although it makes me as happy and glowing as in the pictures, I must admit that it also is a very challenging time, emotionally and as far as fears, uncertainties and doubts are concerned. 

However, I am aware that – as I am now expecting a baby myself – I do not have to worry about much (financially, health-wise and due to the support by my partner, family and friends) – unlike many, many other expecting women in the world without access to medical treatments, midwives or even enough food to allow their babies to grow into healthy little human beings.


With my birthday coming up next week, I would like to collect money for these women around the world! In my research, I have found the New York-based non-profit organisation “Every Mother Counts” which runs projects in developing countries around the world to support pregnant ladies e.g. to have access to properly equipped clinics, medicine and well-educated midwives. 


I have started a GoFundMe campaign which you can visit here, and I kindly ask anyone who would like to participate to donate a little something – whether that is 1 Euro or 10 – for the wellbeing of all mothers and mothers-to-be around the world! I believe that every mother should have the right of a healthy and carefree pregnancy and should be looked after by doctors and midwives.

Thank you for helping me to raise money for “Every Mother Counts“, and be sure to read and hear more about my own pregnancy as of right now on the blog, on Instagram as well as on Youtube.

Lea Lou and baby 🙂

Thank you for your donations! Visit my GoFundMe campaign here!



Images (except no. 4): Claudia Simchen <3


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