When in search for a simple and quick dinner (or lunch) recipe: Look no further than these simple and quick six ingredient spinach pancakes with tahini sauce! I have hidden a whole package of baby spinach in the pancakes, and if you serve them with other veggies or a salad, you’ll be gifted with a wholesome, satisfying and filling meal, which does not take longer than 15 minutes to prepare!

It’s Monday, and I suppose we all have other things to do than spend a long time on meal planning. That’s where these simple and quick six ingredient spinach pancakes with tahini sauce come in quite handy – whether that is for dinner or lunch –, so I’ll leave you with the recipe and hurry to my next appointment.


I got inspired for the pancakes by this Instagram post by Green Kitchen Stories, just in case you were wondering whether one can also serve the spinach pancakes as a sweet version – yes, you can. 

Enjoy, and have a good week!

Lea Lou


Simple and quick six ingredient spinach pancakes with tahini sauce

For two servings.

For the pancakes:
100 g baby spinach
160 g (wholemeal) spelt flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
125 ml milk (sub with oat or almond milk for vegan option)
1 egg (sub with 1 tbsp milled flaxseed, soaked in 2,5 tbsp water, for vegan option)
Salt and pepper, freshly ground
Butter or vegetable oil, for frying

For the tahini sauce:
3–4 tbsp tahini (sesame paste)
1 tbsp lemon juice
Chili flakes
Salt and pepper, freshly ground

Toppings to taste, e.g.:
Cherry tomatoes
Avocado slices
Roasted sweet potato
Kale chips, e.g. by Veganz
Toasted pine nuts
Halloumi cheese, tofu, feta cheese
Sesame seeds

Wash and spin-dry the spinach, add it to the bowl of a food processor and pulse until it is finely chopped. Add flour, baking powder, milk, egg and a pinch each salt and pepper, and pulse until a soft and chewy dough remains.

Heat butter or oil in a large pan, add spoonfuls of pancake batter and bake little pancakes, from both sides, until done and slightly brown. Transfer the pancakes to a plate in the warm oven, continue until the batter is used up.

For the tahini sauce whisk tahini with lemon juice, chili, salt and pepper.

Arrange the pancakes with the tahini sauce and serve with vegetables to your taste.


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