It’s a little quiet these days in my kitchen, and therefore here on the blog. I am suffering from the heat, plus there are a few personal issues I have to take care of at the moment, which make it hard to concentrate and find time to care about the blog with as much passion and energy as I wish to do. I hope you bear with me in the meantime! Nonetheless, there is one recipe which I created for Veganz and which suits the heat wave perfectly well, and which I therefore would like to share with you today: a coconut lemon aqua smoothie bowl!


I have used the protein shake “Kokos-Zitrone” (coconut lemon) by Veganz for the aqua smoothie bowl. The powder does not only add important proteins to the smoothie bowl, it also adds a delicious coconut and lemon taste to it. Please note that the protein shake consists of coconut sugar, I therefore recommend you do not sweeten the aqua smoothie bowl further.


I ordered my “blue majik” powder online. The natural, plant-based powder tastes almost neutral, and it adds a vibrant blue color to smoothies, smoothie bowls, baking and such. It honestly looks like magic!

Enjoy your smoothie bowl!

Lea Lou


Please note: This blogpost and the following recipe have been created as a paid collaboration with Veganz.

Coconut lemon aqua smoothie bowl

For two small servings.

2 bananas, cut in pieces, frozen
70–100 ml coconut milk, or a different plant-based milk
2 tbsp Veganz Protein Shake “Kokos-Zitrone”
1–2 tsp blue majik powder

To serve (optionally):
1 baby pineapple, cut in halves and holed, used as a „bowl“ for the aqua smoothie
Desiccated coconut
Pomegranate seeds

Add the frozen banana chunks and 70 ml coconut milk to a blender, blend until you receive an ice-ceam like mixture. For a more liquid-y smoothie add a little more coconut milk, blend again.

Add protein powder and blue majik powder. Blend once more until all ingredients are well incorporated and a thick, creamy light-blue smoothie remains.    

Transfer the smoothie to the pineapple halves (or bowls). Top your aqua smoothie bowls with desiccated coconut, pomegranate seeds, blueberries and star fruit. Serve smoothie bowls immediately.




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